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D11 (Newton) High In The Lincoln Modern - Freehold Maisonette Apartment For Sale in Singapore 2023

Looking for one of the most unique spaces to live in Singapore? A private maisonette apartment located high in the Lincoln Modern may be your best find! The Lincoln Modern is a 30-story condominium comprising 56 units (apartments, penthouses, and studios) — and this three-bedroom flat is one of its finest spaces.

Spanning an area of 1377 square feet, this apartment stands out for a reason. It is spacious and sleek — and offers design elements you wouldn’t find elsewhere. It bagged the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) International Award in 2005 and received an honorable mention as a part of the Singapore Institute of Architecture Awards in 2006.

On the edge of your seat to know what makes it so special? Follow me through this article as I walk you through the entire apartment and its special features — brought to you by David Lim ERA as a part of their exclusive chic homes for sale!

From The Living Area and Kitchen…

Stepping into this grand maisonette, you’d enter the living room — an open-floor plan incorporating multiple elements into a large, single space. This feature earns it the name of a ‘loft apartment’ — an apartment with a central open space and little to no interior walls.

In addition to a sleek and contemporary ambiance, this style visually expands the interior, making it appear larger than it actually is. It opens up the space into a single, massive area, with the decor (such as area rugs) pulling everything together.

This functionality is further enhanced by the impressive six-meter-high ceilings making for a roomy impression, and glass curtain walls allow plenty of natural light to make its way inside. This light bounces off the light-hued interior to brighten up and visually expand the space.

The entrance of heat associated with the sunlight is controlled by the use of double-glazed windows and slits between the walls and facade, allowing gentle breezes to enter. There are motorized blinds tucked into the recesses of the ceiling as well, allowing the resider to monitor and control the amount of light entering and the privacy needed.

The walls are light to medium grey, and the sputnik chandelier overhead provides general illumination while adding to the minimalist aesthetic of the space. The sleek decor used and the overall style of the open-floor plan allow for a contemporary ambiance, while the Maplewood floor perfectly blends in a traditional hint.

Impeccable materials have been used for this maisonette apartment, including honed limestone and polished beech timber strips.

Additionally, the matte black staircase creates visual interest and adds a punch of character to the space. It is paired with a glass handrail to hold onto the modern style of the space.

Let’s roam around the living space a little more before we head upstairs — stick around to see the bedrooms above in just a minute!

Walking past the space to lounge and relax comes the dining area. A marble-top dining table placed just behind the sofa set provides plenty of room to get seated and have a meal while maintaining the coherence of the space.

But hey, where’s the kitchen?

Right beside the dining table is another open area slightly tucked away from sight when seated in the lounge. You guessed it — it’s the kitchen. It is open and doesn’t have a door, but it is kept away from sight in case things get messy in there (looking at you, rookie chefs).

The matte black cabinetry provides plenty of storage space and is paired with a massive, double-door fridge. And, of course, there’s plenty of glass allowing stunning Singaporean views. I mean, who doesn’t love to cook while enjoying vistas of the great outdoors?

Close vicinity to the dining table also translates to shorter times spent going back and forth from the kitchen to the eating area. It also allows you to entertain your guests while preparing food, making sure the host isn’t excluded from conversations and cherishable memories.

Stepping out of the kitchen and back into the living area! Let’s buckle up and head upstairs now.

To The Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The best thing about a maisonette apartment — and the aspect that makes it unique — is the availability of a second storey. This means you can have visitors around and still get a substantial degree of privacy with the rooms being upstairs. And if you’re someone who cherishes their privacy, you know how big of a blessing this is!

With a total of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, this maisonette apartment is perfect for families and individuals alike. Whether you designate rooms for different family members or decide to use them for other purposes (such as a home office area), you can easily do it all.

The bedrooms are considerably large in size, allowing plenty of room for your favorite furniture items. With the right bed placement, you can allow sunlight to glisten on your eyes in the morning, enjoy views of the neighboring skyscrapers during the day, and pull the curtains close at night.

Each room has a charm of its own. With many features in common, there are also plenty of aspects different, making them all unique in their own ways.

Whether you want a massive king bed or something smaller, there’s room for every type of furniture! The walls are kept white, contributing to a minimalist, Scandi-style aesthetic.

Glimpsing into the bathroom, you can find sleek grey-tiled walls paired with a black countertop and sink. Talk about snagging all the gothic vibes in one space!

In addition to the countertops providing ample space for placing essentials, there is hidden cabinetry to keep less-frequently used items close to reaching but out of sight.

A wall-mounted toilet seat takes up less space and appears to be less bulky. Finally, the shower cubicle towards the back uses a glass partition, further enhancing the effect of opening the compact space. These aspects are taken together to lend a spacious and airy vibe to the bathroom.

The sunken limestone bathtub with timber grating is a unique feature — and it can also double as a shower booth!

The Floor Plan

A look at the floor plan of this loft apartment provides a clear understanding of the masterminds’ thinking behind the design. The lower floor allows entrance into the main unit, containing the kitchen, living area, dining space, and bathroom. The bedrooms (and the other two bedrooms), on the other hand, are secluded in the upper portion, providing a separation of tasks and much-needed privacy.

A Quick Glimpse Through A Video

Here’s a quick one-minute tiktok video I’ve put together to help you visualize the entire space — and have a glimpse at its grandeur!

Why Choose The Lincoln Modern?

The Lincoln Modern is located at a place with accessibility to all essential spots. The Novena MRT and Newton MRT stations are just a few minutes away, while you can also find plenty of nearby supermarkets, shops, and eateries. The cherry on the top? United Square Shopping Mall & Novena Square (with a health club) is also within reach!

Final Words

The Lincoln Modern offers a unique spatial concept in contemporary living in Singapore — and the maisonette flat shared in this article illustrates exactly how. If you’re looking for a stunning flat to reside in Singapore, allow David Lim ERA to bring this exclusive chic home to you, ready to purchase and make all yours!

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