A couple in their 40s was told they will be facing HDB NEGATIVE SALE.

What Happened???


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If they upgrade from HDB to Private Property, all of their hard-earned savings will be wiped out!

They will have to pay a hefty amount of money for their monthly mortgage loan!

Upgrading is only for the rich that wants to show-off they have the money to afford a better lifestyle!

It is easy to think this way, but before we jump into conclusion, let us check out real-life case studies on how ORDINARY families like you managed to upgrade to a private property!

(They now have a good 5 to 10 years of investment roadmap planned out too!)

Cozy Living Room
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Paul and Samantha with a combined income of $11,000 owned a 4 room HDB flat in Queenstown.

During a sharing session, we recognised their objectives & financial standing before devising a unique upgrading strategy for them.

Their HDB flat was sold within 1 month and they managed to upgrade to a luxurious 3 bedder condominium at entry price.

They even managed to invest in a 1 bedder unit for monthly passive income!

Bright Living Space
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Edmund and Sharon having lived in their BTO flat for 7 years, wants to move closer to their ageing parents.

We did a detailed calculation to help them understand their financial standing and presented some practical options.

They managed to upgrade to a good-sized condominium that is in their parents' district and near 2 MRT.

Through the process, they even managed to cash out more than $200K for their emergency fund!


Through detailed calculations and step-by-step planning tailored to individual's circumstances, upgrading to a PRIVATE PROPERTY is possible!

There are no magic tricks, only proven plan that have helped thousands of HDB owners!


Should I still think of upgrading when I have Almost Fully Paid-Off My HDB?

Moreover, I am almost debt free!

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With all or most of your CPF trapped in your HDB, you are losing:

The 2.5% interest you could have earned if you have left it in your CPF!

The 2.5% accrued interest to pay back when you eventually sell!

That is an easy 5% OPPORTUNITY COST you are losing each and every year! Which means for every $200K locked up in your property, you would have LOST $53,200 of your money in just  a matter of 5 years!


The Price Trend For HDB & Private Properties REVEALED!



0.98% Y-O-Y GROWTH!

Looking at the statistics, aren't you surprise to know that your flat is LOSING VALUE (against Singapore’s yearly average inflation of 2.1% & CPF Accrued Interest of 2.5%) the longer you hold on to your flat?



4.63% Y-O-Y GROWTH!

Private Properties on the other hand is experiencing a stable growth of 4.63% y-o-y. In fact, over the last 2 decades, the capital gain of private properties is 157%!

WIDENING GAP between HDB & Private Properties has been observed. This means that it will become increasingly difficult to UPGRADE WITH $0 CASH in the near future!

Are You Keen To Find Out How You Can Leverage On Your HDB Flat And Avoid Being Stuck With A Depreciating Asset?

Let's have a NON-OBLIGATORY sharing session! You will receive the following:

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A detailed financial calculation to understand your financial standing.

A meticulous explanation & 4-step calculation of related costs involved such as cash outlay.

How you can achieve huge potential upside with real life case studies!

An achievable Wealth Creation Plan to help you to unlock funds for emergencies.

A far-sighted roadmap that will allow you to retire earlier and more comfortably.

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