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Corals at Keppel Bay — A Waterfront Apartment For Sale The Best Of Luxury Urban Marina Living

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

If you’re seeking a calming Singaporean experience living on a luxury seafront resort, Corals at Keppel Bay is one of your top options! theSGrealtor brings to you one of the condos from this residential apartment complex. Being an up-market home valued at $3 million dollars, the condo is located on the Southern waterfront of Singapore and showcases the best of luxury urban marina living.

The 3-bedroom property occupies 1324 square feet and features two balconies each has a breathtaking view. In this article, we will unveil every nook and cranny of this home — and what makes it just the right choice for you. So, stay tuned to learn all about Corals at Keppel Bay, presented to you by David Lim Era as a part of the plush homes Singapore 2023!

Walking Through The Condo In Corals at Keppel Bay

To get a feel of the space, let’s walk through the condo, beginning from the entrance door on the right and ending at the bedrooms on the left. Stay tuned till the end for an interactive matterport tour!

Living Space and Dining Area

Stepping into the apartment, you enter the open-concept living and dining area. The space features beige marble flooring and stark white paint for the walls, setting a neutral base for the remaining decor. Plenty of wooden textures are used, as seen in the dining table and the wall-mounted cabinetry, adding a much-needed connection with nature.

The living space is cuboid in build, offering the perfect space to place a single elongated sofa couch. On the opposite wall is a minimalist entertainment complex and wall-mounted shelving to display accessories and essentials.

The space is illuminated by plenty of recessed lights installed in the ceiling. This is complemented by natural light entering through the sliding doors (paired with minimal window draperies) — leading you into the balcony.


The balcony of this condo is one of our favorites! It is nice and roomy, featuring wooden flooring and glass parapets. The parapet joining the neighbors is made of translucent glass for privacy purposes.

The balcony offers a stunning view of greenery and the remaining buildings in Keppel Bay — and, of course, the fresh, briny scent of the sea! The balcony is spacious enough to contain several seats, perfect for enjoying your afternoon coffee with loved ones (and a beautiful view).


Right next to the living room is the kitchen. Despite being compact in size, the layout leverages the space and makes sure every inch is utilized to its maximum. This is especially implemented with the use of the glass wall, adding a roomy impression to the interior while simultaneously encouraging the entrance of natural light.

We love the use of beige cabinetry with a glossy finish. The lack of hardware on the cabinetry creates a sleek look while keeping the overall ambiance understated, too. Finally, the white countertops make a minimalist design statement while providing optimal workspace.


Moving out of the living room, you walk into a corridor with rooms on either side. A prime example of life in the master bedroom is illustrated in the image below; there is enough space for two, with sufficient storage area as well as room for artwork, rugs, and other accessories. We love how the window occupies the whole wall, allowing plenty of light to illuminate the space while also offering beautiful views of the outdoors.

Walking into another bedroom of the condo, you can find a compact space perfect for placing a bed and mounting artwork to keep it visually interesting. If you have little ones, this space makes a perfect bedroom for kids.

While you can set the third bedroom up as a space for guests, there are plenty of other ways to utilize it according to the needs of your family. The image below sets it up as a workspace with a desk and other furniture. Other ideas would be a gaming room, mini study, or even library — it all boils down to your personal preferences and requirements.

Tip: The double window and resulting light levels make it perfect to use as a photography room, too! When needed, you can easily step out onto the attached balcony, too.


Finally, the condo features two bathrooms — the master bathroom is next to the master bedroom, while the second bathroom is attached to the corridor. Each of these features a high-end, hotel-like vibe, with contemporary countertops and vessel sinks, as well as glass cubicles for showering.

The Floor Plan

The floor plan of the condo in Corals at Keppel Bay clearly illustrates its layout. From afar, you can see it as a space with two balconies and multiple ledges.

Delving into a deeper floor plan, you can see the location of each room. The flow of the space begins from the extreme bottom right, from where you step into the space. The living room and dining area are right next, with the kitchen just a few steps away.

Moving forward into the corridor, you see the master bedroom and associated bathroom on one side, and second bathroom right opposite it. Walking further, you can find bedrooms two and three, as well as the attached balcony.

The floor plan reveals the impeccable architecture and coherent flow of the space, perfect to accommodate a couple as well as small families. This is complemented by the seafront location of condo, providing an extraordinary living experience altogether!

An Interactive Matterport Tour

Now that you’ve delved into the detail of every nook and cranny and have had a taste of the overall vibe of this condo in Corals at Keppel Bay, it is now time to have a more realistic experience with a matterport virtual tour!

Walk through the condo in real-time with the tour below, pressing on the spaces you’d like to head to next.

We hope you enjoyed the 3-D visual representation of the space as much as we did! If you’d like to visit the condo, reach out to us and we’ll schedule an in-person meetup at the location. Stay tune for the flythrough video soon!

Final Words

Keppel Bay, located on the Southern waterfront of Singapore, houses multiple urban marina living opportunities. Amongst these, Corals Bay is a top favorite — and if you’re looking for a condo to own and live your dream life in, the one we shared above is one of your best options! Its location offers world-class recreational opportunities, including nearby water gardens, reflecting pools, BBQ Party Pavilion, hydra spa, and more. All of that, while waking up to prime resort living, of course.

As you finish reading through this article, we hope you had a complete taste of life in this condo and can fully imagine the luxury experience you’ll have living here. Connect with us for a detailed consultation, and we’ll guide you through the process of calling this apartment home!

What part of this waterfront apartment do you love? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below — we’d love to hear from you 🙂



吉宝湾的四个项目中, The Reef 还在建,丽景珊是其他三个中最新的,没有过大住户群,小区安静很多。



再来说说价钱,作为一个高端楼盘,这个价放在今年来看很接地气。如果是投资买到就能享有高租金回报,如果是自住,在滨海湾、国大、科技园、One-north 上班的都能考虑在这居住。


南部濒水区从西海岸到滨海湾,并向南延伸,囊括圣淘沙岛。随着丹戎巴葛码头和巴西班让码头搬迁到大士,空出的地会进行开发,面积将会是滨海湾的6倍,海岸线长达30公 里。

另外新加坡环线在2026年也将全线贯通,港湾站到滨海湾只有四个站。等The Reef建好,从小路到怡丰城和港湾地铁站的时间也会缩短。

项目: Corals at Keppel Bay 吉宝湾丽景珊


TOP: 2017

面积:1320sqft (3卧2卫)

尺价: 2.1k+

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